Brothers and Sisters from Other Species

animal friendship brothers and sisters from other species bunny cat deer dog

Have you ever noticed that animals from different species can look very much alike as if they were brothers and sisters? Not only they look alike, they get along just like siblings. ........... this is amazing!  If animals can do this, so can we!  

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Home Decor Ideas - Where to Buy Home Decor?

floor mat home decor painting wall clock wall sticker

Many of us want to decorate our home but we are not the handyman. We don’t want to spend a fortune to buy all these shelves, frames and then take out a drill or a hammer to put them on the wall.   But home décor can be done the simple and easy way, here are some ideas for you: Put up some stickers. Stickers are cheap and easy to put on any smooth and clean surface, such as wall, windows, refrigerator, etc.  You can decorate the whole wall with large stickers of beautiful butterflies or flowers. Small stickers can be...

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Natural Pet Food / Organic Pet Food

natural pet food organic pet food

Many pet owners have heard of the terms “natural pet food”, “organic pet food”, but what do they mean?  Does “natural” mean “organic”? The definition of "natural" pet food actually varies among different countries.  According to AAFCO  (Association of American Feed Control Officials), their official definition for “natural” is:  NATURAL - A feed or ingredient derived solely from plant, animal or mined sources, either in its unprocessed state or having been subjected to physical processing, heat processing, rendering, purification extraction, hydrolysis, enzymolysis or fermentation, but not having been produced by or subject to a chemically synthetic process and not containing...

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Cat Beds

bread bed cat beds cat hammock kitty camper shark beds wool cat cave

Cats are noble creatures and they deserve a comfortable place for their Highness.  Cat beds are the place for them to rest, to hide, to play and to watch what we silly humans are doing.  Every cat should have at least one cat bed.  Having their own beds will keep the cats away from your furniture and give them a safe haven to rest.  Cat beds should be made of comfortable material and placed in quiet areas away from loud noise and heavy traffic.  There are many types of cat beds, the open cat bed, the enclosed cat bed or...

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Dog Treats

There are many types of dog treats, mainly the meat based treats, biscuits and bone treats.  Meat based treats include the jerky and meat stick.  Jerky is often air dried, freeze dried or oven dried.  Meat stick is usually mixed with other ingredients, so it is soft and moist.  Dog biscuits look like kibble, the main ingredients are carbohydrates, mixed with meat and fruits / vegetables.  Bone treats can be real bone or bone shaped dental treats. When you buy a dog treat, the first thing you should look is the ingredients.  It is best to choose something make of...

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