Cat Beds

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Cats are noble creatures and they deserve a comfortable place for their Highness.  Cat beds are the place for them to rest, to hide, to play and to watch what we silly humans are doing.  Every cat should have at least one cat bed.  Having their own beds will keep the cats away from your furniture and give them a safe haven to rest.  Cat beds should be made of comfortable material and placed in quiet areas away from loud noise and heavy traffic.  There are many types of cat beds, the open cat bed, the enclosed cat bed or cat house, cat cave, cat camper and the window cat bed. 

Open cat beds are the simplest cat bed available, but still there are many cute designs for open beds, like the bread bed, the watermelon bed, kitty cube, kitty cup, etc.  Choose one that is machine washable or with removable cover for easy cleaning.  The beds should have non-slip bottom and are thick enough to sleep on.

The enclosed cat beds or the cat houses provide a hiding place for the cats.  They offer more privacy and are warmer in the winter, but one disadvantage is, you cannot see how your cat is doing if it hides inside.   The shark bed or cat houses fall into this category.  Enclosed cat houses usually take up more space too but it is a good investment for any cat lovers.

The kitty camper is like a cat house but offer large peek holes.  It provides privacy but is also a playground for your cat.  

The wool cat cave is made of pure natural wool and is super soft and comfortable.  Wool cave keeps your cat warm in the winter but cool in the summer.  Wool also has a natural ability to repels dirt, stain and odor and it has a natural lanolin scent that attracts cats to hang around.  Cat cave can be used as a cat house or flattened to become an open cat bed, so they are very versatile and convenient to use.  They can be folded up easily if not in use.

The window cat beds are mounted to the windows, so your cats can watch the streets and be entertained, or just enjoy sunshine laying there.  Choose those that can adhere to the windows securely and strong enough to hold your cat’s weight.

There are also cat hammocks that you can put inside a crate.  Cats love sleeping in the hammock, they are best for kittens that need to be kept inside a crate. 

The size of the cat bed is important too, choose one that is spacious enough for your cat to sit, lay down on its side or roll on it.  If you have multiple cats, get one cat bed for each of your cat even if they want to share their bed together.  Even if you have only one cat, many cat lovers will place a cat bed in different rooms so their cat can have a resting place everywhere it goes. 

Shopping for cat beds can’t be easier these days as you can buy cat beds online and have them shipped to your home. 

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