Blackdog Roo Jerky

Blackdog Roo Jerky

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Australia is the country of kangaroos. This jerky treat is made with 100% organic wild kangaroo meat.  The meat has been thinly sliced and slowly oven dried.  It is 100% natural without artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.  Roo meat is hypoallergenic, it can be fed to dogs who are allergic to beef or chicken meat.  This roo jerky has a strong aroma and a hard texture, it can be used as a chewing treat for small dogs to improve dental health.  High in protein, low in fat, and no carbohydrate. A healthy treat for dogs of any breeds and any sizes.  Kangaroo meat is high in iron content that gives it a darker color than other meat.  Ingredient: 100% kangaroo meat.

Product of Australia.  Made and packed in Australia.  Package size: 80g.

This product can only be shipped to Group A Countries.

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