DIY Diamond Painting - Lily - Amazing Pet

DIY Diamond Painting - Lily

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DIY beautiful lily flower painting made from 3D diamonds.  Attach the diamonds on the canvas according to the numbers, the finished painting looks shiny and realistic.

Spend time with kids and family to complete this painting together and then hang it on the wall.  It will impress everyone.  Canvas is rolled up and shipped.  Does not include frame.

Diamond size: 2.5 x 2.5 mm

Material: resin

Fabric type: oil clother

(Not a finished painting, you need to Do It Yourself)

The package includes diamonds, canvas, diamond plate, tweezer, glue, pen and stick pen head (to glue the diamond on the canvas)

Note: Complex colorful pictures need bigger size to express it's details.  The small size painting cannot show the details well, it's only for the entertainment of children and the practice of newbies. Customers who want good visual effect, please choose the bigger size.

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